Trial Attorney Stacy Schneider, Esq. handles matrimonial law and family law cases, as well as criminal matters, including fraud and financial crimes. She is a nationally recognized TV legal commentator, author, and, columnist and the, recipient of The Thurgood Marshall Award for Exemplary Service to the Cause of Justice in the United States.


  • Divorce Attorney 
  • Family Law Attorney 
  • Criminal Attorney
  • Legal Analyst and Commentator

Stacy Schneider has tried cases within the criminal justice system, in the matrimonial courts, and the civil courts. She has provided legal commentary and analysis on headline-making trials, divorces, grand jury investigations and indictments, congressional actions, corporate liabilities, and constitutional violations for print, digital, and television broadcast media.

For more than a decade, Stacy has appeared as a Legal Analyst on Fox News, Fox Business News, CNN, HLN, and Court TV commenting on high-profile civil and criminal cases and constitutional law. Stacy has served on media legal panels discussing privacy, divorce, libel, cyber law, hacking, government regulations, corporate liabilities, criminal law, family law, civil rights, congressional actions, and politics. She has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, New York Post, Marie Claire, TV Guide, and on dozens of nationally syndicated radio shows. She is a legal contributor for the Huffington Post and The Observer.

As the former Chair of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Media Law Committee, Stacy hosted the Bar’s Media Law Conference, teaching attorneys how to effectively interact with the press and be interviewed by the media. Stacy Schneider, Esq. is admitted to practice in New York, Washington, D.C., California, Florida, and Connecticut.

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